So What is Bleisure?

Bleisure, quite literally, is mixing business with pleasure. It’s changing the habits of business travellers all around the world. Gone are the days of simply flying in and out of a city for a quick meeting. Don’t be a workaholic – stay a little longer. Linger and explore to revel in a whole new holiday experience.

Why Bleisure Travel is Good for Your Career


It’s good for you to be able to blur the lines between business and pleasure once in a while. When your job takes you to a different country, state or city, you won’t be working 24/7 and you need to be able to enjoy your personal time.

Allowing yourself to schedule a little “me” time will ensure you’re more relaxed, rested and focused for your important business meeting. Heading out and about in your new destination will also give you a better understanding of the city, country and its local culture.

Adding some enjoyable activities to the end of your corporate trip can also help you to de-stress after some important business discussions or deals.

You could even bring your family along for a few days. That way you don’t have to miss out on important quality time with them and can make fun new memories together.

Get Planning Your Ultimate Business Trip


You need to take advantage of all the time spent away from home on your business trip. Try to plan your meeting on a Friday or Monday, to easily allow for an extended weekend break. Bleisure is also a very efficient way to make the most of your annual leave – by travelling on company time!

Take a tour of the location you’re staying in. Seeing more of the destination than simply an airport, hotel and meeting room, will enrich your trip. Another Bleisure hack for those that are short on time, is taking your laptop down to the hotel’s pool area. Sit on a sun lounger and catch some rays, while working on your project. Or you could even upgrade your hotel room and treat yourself to a little luxury.

If you’re planning a business trip in another time zone, arrive a day or two early and factor in some relaxing time to get over the dreaded jet lag. Take a walk around the city and soak up the sunshine. It’s well documented that the sun can help to reset your body clock. Head to a day spa, have a well-deserved sleep-in, or hang out in your plush hotel robe and arrive at your meeting as fresh as a daisy!

Bleisure isn’t Just for One


If you’re lucky enough to work for a flexible company that allows you to bring along your partner or family, you can turn your work trip into something far more memorable. A family bleisure trip can save on travel and accommodation costs compared to a regular family holiday.

You can time their arrival for the end of your business trip if you’re easily distracted. Or have them travel with you so they can enjoy the destination whilst you’re working and they can join you as soon as all the hard work is completed.

If you travel often, join a frequent flyer or hotel member programme and you may even be able to bring your partner or family along for free using your accumulated points.

A businesses trip needn’t be “all work and no play”. Make the most of your time in a new location by organising a bleisure trip, where you can tick something off your bucket list and maintain that important work-life balance.