Experience Perth in Every Season

You would be forgiven for thinking that because Perth is so far from other Australian cities, there isn’t as much to do or see. In fact, Perth is one of Australia’s most beautiful and vibrant cities packed with things to do and see all year round.

We enjoy the best Mediterranean climate here with warm summers, mild winters and an abundance of sunshine, making Perth the ideal holiday destination any time of the year.

So when is the best time to visit this hidden gem with its cosmopolitan atmosphere? Well, the best time to visit is whenever you arrive. Perth has something for everyone in every season.


Spring is one of the most popular times of the year to visit Perth because the weather is fantastic, a little warmer than winter, but not as warm as summer.

Average temperatures range from around 12 degrees Celsius at night to 23 degrees Celsius during the day, with lots of sunshine and little rain.

Western Australia’s beautiful wildflowers are putting on a show with over 12,000 species blossoming in Perth’s nature reserves and national parks.


Many people like to visit Perth in summer for its warm weather and gorgeous beaches, and a chance to swim in the Indian Ocean instead of the Pacific Ocean.

Temperatures range from 17 degrees Celsius at night, to the low 30s in the day, with abundant sunshine and low rainfall. If it gets too hot, there’s usually a cooling sea breeze off the ocean called the ‘Fremantle Doctor’ that’s a welcome relief.

There’s always plenty to see and do during summer with many outdoor activities day and night.


Like spring, autumn is glorious with temperatures rarely dropping below 10 degrees Celsius at night, and staying around 26 degrees Celsius in the daytime, with some showers and humidity.

After the heat of summer, Perth puts on a show of sporting and entertainment events, and it’s still warm enough to enjoy those beautiful beaches.


Winter in Perth is mild with temperatures between 8 degrees Celsius at night and around 19 degrees Celsius during the day. It’s a popular time to visit for those who love to be outdoors because of the cooler temperatures. It’s also less crowded, and you can score some great off-peak prices for accommodation, food and entry to many of the local attractions.

Crowne Plaza Perth

Perth is glorious in every season and no matter when you visit be sure to book your accommodation ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

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