You can’t leave Perth without venturing to the coastline to marvel in its crystal clear waters and crisp white sand. You’ll find locals at the beach all year round hitting the surf or sharing a picnic by the sea, but the best time to take a swim is in the summer. Escape the heat at some of our favourite Perth beaches.



Cottesloe – or Cott as it’s locally known – is one of Perth’s most popular beaches. Notorious for its clear waters and consistent swell it’s the perfect spot to take a dip. Unsurprisingly in 2009, Lonely Planet named Cottesloe Beach the world’s second best beach for families.

Just a short 15 minute drive from the city to discover this serene beach. During peak periods surf lifesavers patrol the waters, making it a safe spot for swimmers of all levels.

When you’ve finished having a swim, climb upon the levels of soft grass of the Cottesloe Esplanade and sit under the giant Norfolk Pines. This is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic with your friends and family.

If you want to try the local Fish & Chips then Amberjacks is a must. Just a stroll across the road and you’ll be at one of Perth’s most loved fish and chip stores. Get your take-away fish & chips and head back to the beach to watch the sunset. Make sure you get there early to grab a good spot as the locals love their sunsets.



As you may have realised by now, Australians love to shorten the name of just about everything, which is how Scarborough beach got the name Scabs.

Scarborough, another of Perth’s most well-known beaches, is just a 20 minute drive out of the city. You’ll find high tides and plenty of waves at Scarborough making it the perfect spot to hit the surf, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

If you’re a keen beginner with little to no experience then head to Scarborough Beach Surf School and book some lessons. Scarborough Beach Surf School is the oldest surf school in the world; they’ve been operating since 1986 so they know a thing or two about surfing. You’ll be standing on the board in no time!

The ocean-facing amphitheatre found at the entry to the beach is the perfect spot to escape the sun. During the summer it hosts an array of free events including beach volleyball and music.

Wander past the amphitheatre and you’ll hit the café strip. Scarborough thrives on its café lifestyle, providing plenty of options for a meal or drink after your swim.  Choose a seat outdoors and you’ll never feel far from the beach.

If you’re not interested in going out for food then why not pack a picnic? There are plenty of public barbecues and gazebos where you can cook up a feast.

Leighton Beach


A 30-minute drive South of Perth or a 5-minute drive North of Fremantle will bring you to the pristine white sands of Leighton Beach.

This beach boasts lovely flat waters that are perfect for beginner swimmers or young families. You’ll find locals taking advantage of the calm waters by swimming laps in the warmer weather.

The small waves make Leighton an excellent spot to explore underwater. Pack some snorkels and see what you can discover.

Leighton beach is more secluded than Cottesloe or Scarborough but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a great place to eat. Visit Bib & Tucker after your swim for some food and a refreshing drink. It’s often bustling with customers but well worth the wait.

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