The biggest arts event Australia has ever hosted is happening in Perth,  The Giants and we’ll be steps away from the action!

The Giants are coming! Witness the incredible journey of The Giants as they walk the streets and parks of Perth city. Over three memorable days 13-15 February 2015, The Giants will tell a captivating and truly touching story which you can be a part of. Once we have walked with The Giants, our city will never look the same again.


The journey of The Giants has officially been released and we are excited to see one of the main locations for The Giants is Langley Park. Throughout their journey The Giants will be walking right past Crowne Plaza Perth. On Friday the Little Girl Giant will walk Terrace Road and then on Saturday and Sunday both Diver Giant and Little Girl Giant will walk the streets surrounding Langley Park. See the full journey click here

If you want to be moments from all the action for this phenomenal event and have VIP seats (i.e River View Room with private balcony at Crowne Plaza Perth overlooking Langley Park) we suggest you Book Online or contact us today.

Please note: There will be city wide traffic delays during this special Perth event. If you plan to work, travel or stay anywhere in the city from 13th to the 15th February you should check for road closures and allow additional time to reach your destination. Throughout their journey The Giants will be walking right past Crowne Plaza Perth. Our locations means there will be restricted vehicle access at different times over the course of the event. Restricted access to Terrace Road:

  • 13th FRIDAY: 8.30 – 10.30am and  6.30 – 7.30pm
  • 14th SATURDAY: 5.30 -6.30pm
  • 15th SUNDAY: 9.30am – 2.00pm

The Giants Journey

The Giants Journey

The Giants Journey


Once upon a time in a desert in the west, a Little Girl Giant fell from the sky into one of those communities in love with the stars, the earth, the trees, the water. One day, she found an old book full of love and sorrow, hope and lost battles. The Little Girl Giant knew then what she had to do. With a tear in her eye, she climbed aboard her boat and set sail across the sand for the big city …

The full story has been announced – read it here

Perth Festival – “The Incredible and Phenomenal Journey of The Giants to the Streets of Perth takes inspiration from uniquely Western Australian stories – of ancient lands, Gallipoli-bound troops and a little girl in a lighthouse who buoyed their spirits. This is our chance to ensure a new generation of Western Australians comes to hold dear that which has shaped us. Once we have walked with the Giants, our city will never look the same again”.


The largest arts event WA has ever seen, will take place across 3 glorious days in February 2015.

Kicking of on Friday the 13th The Giants will begin to walk the streets. The story continues into Saturday with the finale on Sunday 15 February. No two days are the same so plan ahead and make sure you’re in Perth 13 – 15 February 2015 for this one of a kind Perth Festival event.

The Giants will take place in streets and parks of Perth city. Langley Park is the biggest park in the city, the perfect spot for The Giants to play, so we’ll have front row seats for this epic event that will take over Perth City.




Royal de Luxe is a distinctive street theatre company that developed the saga of The Giants. They travel the world telling a captivating stories on a city-wide scale, bringing together millions of spectators. The Gaints will be the biggest event in Australia Commemorating WW1 and it’s all happening here in Perth.

Previous stories:

  • Memories of August 1914 – 2014 Liverpool –  August 2014 marks the centenary of the start of the First World War – a turning point in world history. Watch the video below. 
  • Sea Odyssey – 2012 Liverpool –  The Sea of Liverpool has swallowed up so many sailors, travellers and adventurers that you would think it was a cannibal. Icebergs are boat hunters and Liverpudlians are huge children with eyes full of hope and rebellion. For the unsinkable Titanic, her first voyage was also to be her last… read the entire story here
  • The Deep Sea Driver. His hand and the little Girl Giant – 2009 Antwerpen – a Giant had settled in the middle of a river and all the ships that sailed that way went passed him. Just like on motorways today, he requested a toll for access. He used the money he collected to build the city of his dreams… read the story here
  • The Geyser of Reykjavik – 2007 Iceland – Researchers awoke a Giant who had been sleeping for hundreds of years under the city’s main road . This Giant immediately took it out on the vehicles in the city, crushing and tearing them to pieces whilst wildly stabbing them with over sized knife and fork… read the story – here



Simply be in Perth the weekend from 13-15th February 2015. Perth International Arts Festival is anticipating around 1 million attendances to The Giants over the three days which means Perth City will be the place to be. Come spend your Giants weekend a step away from the action at Crowne Plaza Perth –  To see our promotions page for latest offers – click here


To celebrate Perth International Arts Festival The Giants, Gusti Restaurant has developed a special lunch menu starting from just $12 and mouthwatering 2/3 course dinner menu. Should your timing be right you may be able to watch The Giants walk right past Gusti Restaurant. Needless to say you’ll  be satisfied from a delicious lunch or dinner and moments from all The Giant’s action.

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See the full event calendar and plan your itinerary here –