We all need a little me time now and then. Time spent away from work commitments, home and the household chores, is valuable in many ways. Put yourself at the top of your list of priorities and make time to have a breather from everyday life’s deadlines and obligations.  Me time allows you to focus on yourself with zero distractions.

Me time means different things to different people, but it basically is partaking in a treat that makes you happy. Enjoy your own personal stay-cay in Perth and enjoy some ‘me time’ the best way you know how – whether it’s pampering, energising, spoiling, relaxing or taking time-out to catch up on something important to you.

Pamper Time

Pampering yourself isn’t just about indulgence. There are many health benefits to be gained from de-stressing, putting your feet up and letting someone lavish you with attention. Seek out a day spa in Perth’s CBD for a day of massages, saunas, facials and more. At Bali Beautique Spa in East Perth, there’s a range of luxurious Indonesian treatments. A couple of hours spent at Perth’s first Balinese spa will leave you feeling blissful!
If you’re short on time, walk into one of the city’s many nail bars for a Mani Pedi or head to a hairdresser for a quick blow out – making you feel like a million dollars in no time. Pampering isn’t just for the ladies – blokes can head to Guys Grooming where they can sit back and enjoy a massage, trendy hair ‘do, facial or even a hot towel face shave with a cutthroat blade.

Me time - 5 ways to enjoy a little me time in Perth - Crowne Plaza Perth

Get Energised

Getting active may be something you don’t find the time for in your demanding and hectic life. At Crowne Plaza you can revel in something energetic. Take a dip in our stunning infinity lap pool or head to the well-equipped gym to build up a sweat. Go for a jog or take one of our complimentary hire bikes for a cycle around the Swan River.

Spoil Yourself

Go on, spoil yourself, you deserve it! Treat yourself to a shopping spree around Perth’s many malls and arcades. There’s the high end King Street, full of international fashion houses. High street brands can be found on Hay and Murray Street malls and there’s loads of specialty stores hiding down the city’s shopping arcades.
And the spoiling needn’t stop at the shops! Shop and sip, by ducking into one of the many small bars for a bite to eat and a cheeky cocktail too.

Me time - 5 ways to enjoy a little me time in Perth - Crowne Plaza Perth

Time to Relax

To quiet your mind, step off the treadmill of life and take a stroll down to Langley Park, Queens Gardens or the Swan River. Here you can sit on a bench and listen to the birds, the waves on the river, and soak up that vitamin D! Better yet, take along your yoga mat and stretch in the great outdoors. Later, indulge in a bubble bath in your hotel room, which will de-stress your muscles and mind.

Me time - 5 ways to enjoy a little me time in Perth - Crowne Plaza Perth

Catch Up

If you have a busy household, full of children and sleepless nights, your ideal ‘me time’ may be a simple sleep-in, to catch up on some sleep! Laze in bed with a fluffy Crowne Plaza bathrobe and read that book you’ve been meaning to finish or binge watch your favourite TV show. No need to stop for lunch – just order room service

Taking time out for yourself has many psychological and physical benefits, leaving you refreshed and happier. Remember – a little bit of ‘me time’ every now and then is good for the soul and you’ll be sure to feel relaxed, rested and rejuvenated!

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