Wellness in the Heart of the City

Balancing between constant travel and a healthy, active lifestyle is of more and more importance every day. Your personal wellbeing is an asset which you do not take for granted, especially in retrospect of what the world has seen and experienced in recent times. Taking time to meditate and still the mind, lapping up sunny patches of Vitamin D or simply allowing yourself a minute to read before bed are all small and manageable ways which you can improve your overall sense of wellbeing.

Crowne Plaza Perth places wellness front and centre and in order to enrich your experience the hotel has a number of options in place to make your stay a breath of fresh air.

River Rides

Crowne Plaza Perth offers its guests free bike hire so that you can explore the stunning parkland around the hotel in way which is better for you and for the environment. Let the front desk team know of your places and they can assist in reserving your bicycles and giving you insider tips on the best tracks to visit.

Some of Perth city’s best trails

Bridge-to -bridge 

Claisebrook Cove 

Kings Park 

Perth Discoverer Cycle Trail 

Nutritious food

A variety of dishes which help you fuel your body for optimum performance are available at Crowne Plaza Perth; both in in-room dining and at Gusti Restaurant.

Our breakfast features dishes like home-made Bircher muesli and eggs your way which can be paired with deliciously and crisp chilled fruit juices.

Colourful and light lunches such as Thai Beef, Quinoa and Chickpea salads all feature on the menu and are healthy and fresh options. If you want to relax and dine out without compromising on vitality and feeling your best, Crowne Plaza has enough options to cater for you.

Yoga and pilates in the park

Langley Park stretches out in-front of Crowne Plaza Perth and is home to outdoor training groups specialising in yoga and Pilates; convenient and calming ways of ensuring a great start or end to your day.

Park Fit Gyms 


Exploring the Swan River

If you’re looking to make the most of the beautiful expanse of water which Crowne Plaza Perth looks out on, the Swan River, there are some simple ways of getting on the water.

Catch the Transperth Ferry across to South Perth Foreshore and enjoy an Acai Bowl or a coffee on the Jetty at Mr Walkers.

Board one of Captain Cook Cruises tours along the winery waterfronts and along the Swan to see the city in a different way.

If you’re more of a thrill-seeker you can hire a jet-ski and cruise the river in style. Look at some of the suggestions Jet Adventures recommend for making the most of your outdoor adventure.

Of if you just want to take it easy, pull up a stool on Gusti Restaurant’s Deck and watch the sun set on the Swan with a drink in hand.

Vitamin D

Western Australia, also known as the Sunset Coast, has the most amount of sunshine all year round in Australia. Which is why West Australians love the outdoors, we like to make the most of that Vitamin D and find ways of having a wholesome good time whilst taking in the fresh air.

Crowne Plaza Perth offers its guests access to its stunning pool deck with luxury cabanas to relax in. Breath-taking views and private cabanas paired with dining service at your fingertips makes Crowne Plaza Perth a premium option when choosing your inner city accommodation in Perth city.